About us

 We want to allocate all funds raised from Honour Club memberships to our institutional projects to promote and enhance the culture of Fungo Porcino di Borgotaro. 
Mario Marini, President

About us


Fungo Porcino di Borgotaro Museum Honour Club registers people and organizations that support with their name and with their contribution the mission and the institutional activities of the Fungo Porcino di Borgotaro Museum dedicated to promoting, enhancing and spreading the culture of Fungo Porcino di Borgotaro and a proper nutrition education.

All profits coming from the registration of the Members to the Honour Club are redistributed by Fungo Porcino di Borgotaro Museum in the interest of the development of its institutional activities.

An Official Token is issued to each Member of the Fungo Porcino di Borgotaro Museum Honour Club: digital, original and nominative. The Token is registered and authenticated on an encrypted ledger, that certifies the registration to the Roll of Honour.

A specific newsletter periodically updates all the Subscribers on the Honour Club’s projects and benefits, reserved for registered people and organizations.

The Fungo Porcino di Borgotaro Museum was inaugurated in 2022 by The Food Museums of the Province of Parma Association that manages the entire network of the eight Food Museums. Also part of the network are the Parmigiano Reggiano Museum, the Prosciutto di Parma Museum, the Salame di Felino Museum, the Pomodoro Museum, the Pasta Museum, the Vino Museum and the Culatello di Zibello Museum. A project for the ninth Museum dedicated to the Tartufo Nero di Fragno is under development. The Association works in the field of food and nutrition education, protection and enhancement of agri-food traditions and promotion of the cultural, artistic and economic heritage of Parma’s agri-food industry.

The Museum of Fungo Porcino di Borgotaro has two exhibition locations in the area: the first one in Borgo Val di Taro (PR) at the “Museo delle Mura”, and the second one at the Palazzo della Comunalia in the historic center of Albareto (PR). The exhibition path is divided into seven sections that talk about the forest, the varieties of porcini mushrooms, the various habitats in which they grow, the tools for harvesting, popular beliefs related to mushrooms, preservation and processing techniques, the history, and the businesses dedicated to their transformation. A portion of the exhibition path is dedicated to cultural aspects related to the product, exploring the role of mushrooms in culture, from visual arts to literature and fairytales, and it ends with an overview of gastronomy. The exhibition path on porcini mushrooms is fascinating not only for the gastronomic significance of the food but also because the mushroom, with its organoleptic and nutritional properties, is appreciated by gourmets and lovers of fine dining and is used in a wide range of preparations and refined dishes offered by local restaurants.

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